Belonging to a writing community is a writer’s ultimate elixir. For the solitary scribes and aspiring authors gazing into the intimidating vastness of a blank page, a writing community can be the compass pointing north. This gathering of minds, hearts, and hands not only shares the burdens of the creative process but also multiplies the […]

Nurturing Your Craft Through a Writing Community


When seeking a ghostwriter, delve into their portfolio and past works to ensure their style is adaptable to your narrative needs.

Must-Know Keys to Ghostwriting

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Are you a writer and aspiring author looking to become a successful independent author? Well, here are five essential tips that every author needs to know in order to reach success. Tip 1: Time management is key. Carving out time for your writing each day is essential if you want to be an accomplished an […]

5 Tips to Becoming a Successful Author!


When it comes to knowledge on book publishing, one of the most important things to know is the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing.  Self-publishing is when authors take complete control over their work and do the entire process of publishing themselves – from writing, editing, designing, printing, distributing, and even marketing! This path can […]

Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Which one is for you?

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Are you looking to publish a book but unsure what route to take? There are two main choices: traditional publishing and self-publishing. However, an increasingly popular option combines the two approaches—hybrid publishing. Going with a hybrid publisher can have benefits compared to a traditional publishing company or being a self-publisher. This option is unique because […]

What is Hybrid Publishing and Should I Do It?

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