Join me in a one-on-one where we discuss your book publishing goals and aspirations. I’ll direct you to the right resources and hopefully book you for hybrid publishing services. I’ll answer all of your questions and leave you with a sense of readiness for next steps in your future authorship career.

Let’s Talk.


Once we’re partnered together for your book publishing project, we’ll craft the ideal aesthetics that fit your vision. You can throw that saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” out the window because everyone does.

What were just pieces of a puzzle: manuscript, interior, exterior layout, bio, author’s headshot, etc…are now glued together to form the final product: your book baby. 

The Forming Stage

STEP two

Your book will be set up with world-wide distributors in various versions meeting industry standard guidelines. You receive 100% ownership and access to unlimited copies ordered on demand.  You’re now an author and congratulations are certainly in order.

Hello World!

STEP three

Come with questions, ideas and thoughts, leave with a solid book publishing plan.

The Manifester’s Publishing Plan

what to expect

You have a story that needs assistance with polishing and development via stellar editing.

We are a good fit for you if…

You value triumphant stories that transform hearts and lives.

You want your self published book to contain the quality of a non self published book.

You value ownership and autonomy.

You desire to be a part of the book publishing process.

Received expert advice from experienced publishing professionals

By the End of Our PROCESS, You'll Have...

Guidance through the entire publishing process

Selected the perfect publisher for your work

Assistance with all aspects of book publication

Achieved your desired level of success with a professionally published book

Reached your target audience

Be confident in the publication of your work

“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”― Toni Morrison

I'm a 4-time self-published author and novelist who's been blogging since 2012. I take immense pleasure in crafting stories that intertwine Black culture and faith. I desire to produce edifying works that impact my community and transform hearts. In my spare time, I love shopping, time with friends, anything 90s R&B and a good glass of red wine. To learn more about my author journey and published works, visit or email me at

I'm Nicole, the founder of ND Miller Publishing!

meet your publisher & advocate

Real Client

Alysha Ellis

Working with ND Miller Publishing helped to make one of my dreams come true, to become a published author! The level of professionalism, creditability, and overall grace made my experience enjoyable! Nicole personally treated my book project like one of her own.

"My DREAM of becoming an author has come TRUE!"

Real Client

Michelle Seeden 

Nicole’s patience was so appreciated, and her years of diligence was evident. It is not easy working with authors like me, who have previously had a bad experience publishing and need a very close "hands-on" approach. I recall the coaching moments during our calls that helped me make good choices in presenting a better product. "The Final Battle, a Fable for all Ages" is a work we can both be proud of. Because she is affordable and easy to work with, I have referred her to several friends!

"Nicole’s PATIENCE was so appreciated, and her years of DILIGENCE was evident."

Real Client

Darlene Smith

I would like to say thank you to Ms. Nicole D. Miller for providing me with an amazing and informative one-on-one coaching call. Her level of knowledge on the subject coupled with her expertise is unmatched. It truly left me wanting more. I would highly recommend her services to my family and friends.

"Nicole’s publishing knowledge coupled with her expertise is unmatched."

Workshop Atendee

Candra Evans

Nicole is an exceptional author and teacher. I attended her self-publishing webinar and learned crucial steps for writing, publishing, and marketing my book. I appreciated the marketing piece of the webinar. Her strategies and tools for completing your work and getting books sold are highly valuable!

"Nicole is an exceptional author and teacher!"

Workshop Atendee

Secret James

I am so grateful and happy to have been able to work with Nicole and have her guidance throughout this process. She has been a tremendous help with guiding me and helping me keep to a timeline. Though very kind she is very honest and her critiques will make for a better read!! I highly recommend her services to all in need of a publisher and am looking forward to working with this company in the future. 

"Her critiques will make for a better read!"

Kind words

Becoming an author is an achievement every writer should experience.

We assist you in that achievement.

Our distributors provide availability of our client’s books on various platforms from Amazon, to Barnes & Noble, to Apple Books, and a variety of online platforms. We know the importance needed for independent authors to have the most exposure to their work, so we choose partners that provide this exposure. Bookstores, libraries and other institutions are also able to easily purchase our client’s books and distribute them in their facilities.

Where will my book be available?


This is another question that is based on moving variables. Book publishing is an investment but shouldn’t break the bank. A red flag for partnering with the wrong publisher is in being overcharged. Make sure you get more than one quote to compare, and see if you are being accurately charged. Most quotes stay in a certain range, based on word count and services needed. We offer options of payment plans as well. Schedule a one-on-one call to receive your quote from us.

How much will publishing cost?


Many want to know how long it can take to publish a book and in all honesty, the time varies. There are a few variables that can shorten or lengthen the time frame for each client, such as the services that are needed and the length of the manuscript. That’s why we offer a personalized estimated time of completion. Schedule a one-on-one call and we’ll provide you with this estimate.

How long does it take to publish a book?


Frequently Asked Questions

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