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Are you ready for a heartwarming story on sisterhood and friendship? Then When Love Wins is for you!

This urban tale is sure to enthrall you with its fast-moving scenes, engaging dialogue, and colorful characters.

In When Love Wins readers will find the following relatable topics:

When Love Wins

  • The loss of loved ones and the grief recovery process
  • Childhood trauma and bullying
  • Parent-childhood dynamics
  • Mental health struggles from depression and anxiety, to cutting.
  • The vital influence of faith and spirituality

And much more!

Silk Allen

I loved the story! It was fast-paced but not rushed. I especially loved the themes of faith, friendship, romance, community, family, platonic relationships, mental health, single parenthood, and so many other issues that Nicole touched on in a way that was not “preachy”.

June Phelps

Nicole immediately hooked me with her writing. She is a master at dialogue and excellent at character development. The older characters were expertly portrayed. She does a great job with them!

Piper Youtzy

I loved the way Nicole builds tension and suspense. While reading When Love Wins I was dying to learn more. There were so many scenes that kept me turning the page. This is a definite must read!



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I'm a 4-time self-published author and novelist who's been blogging since 2012. I take immense pleasure in crafting stories that intertwine Black culture and faith. I desire to produce edifying works that impact my community and transform hearts. In my spare time, I love shopping, time with friends, anything 90s R&B and a good glass of red wine. To learn more about my author journey and published works, visit or email me at

I'm Nicole, the founder of ND Miller Publishing.

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